Who is Jonah Theurer?

Having grown up in Edinburgh, Jonah spent his young years at a school in the heart of the city under Edinburgh castle. His journey to become a magician started at this school at the age of fifteen when he was asked to learn a new skill as part of earning his Duke of Edinburgh award. From there, he was lucky enough to get taught by a renown master magician and teacher of the profession. He was hooked and pursued magic as a career.

Jonah now has seven years experience in magic and has been performing professionally for audiences for the past five years. His obsession with magic has never stopped and even during his time at university, Jonah was made a committee member for the “Aberdeen Magic Society”. He also helped run “The Trickery”, Aberdeen’s established monthly magic, comedy and burlesque show. Following his graduation, he returned to Edinburgh where he now regularly attends the esteemed magic club, “Nine of Diamonds”, which is a hub for elite magicians and gifted hobbyists. The constant experience he has in performing and working with other magicians has helped to ensure his magic is always of the highest quality.

Why Magic?

Magic has gained in popularity over the past few years, through social media and the internet. The art is finally getting the light it deserves. Magic has the ability to bring people together, creating relationships, amazement and wonder, while leaving a lasting impression in people’s minds. Jonah thoroughly believes this is truer to magic than any other performing art.

Magical entertainment is an experience for everyone. After a trick is perform, the initial sense of amazement and wonder may only last for a few seconds or it can last a lifetime but how ever long that moment is, it is something special that will be remembered. If that is not enough, it is also a very versatile art-form meaning it’s the perfect form of entertainment.

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